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South African family
My beautiful wife and I

Helpful Links

These two sites have been so influential in helping me grow in love with Papa God. 

This next link is the site of an amazing musician who sings about the gospel of grace. 


         I have been married to my beautiful, amazing wife for 3 and a half years now, and our marriage is pure bliss. She is so sweet, patient and completely in love with Jesus. My life changed dramatically five and a half years ago when I met Jesus for the first time. I received Him into my heart when I was 7 years old, but never had a relationship with Him and had a terribly incorrect idea about God and life. That all changed five and a half years ago. I was sitting in my apartment and the room started glowing. The most pleasurable electricity started pulsing through my body, and then an unseen powerful Presence came into the room. I was terrified! I heard the verse Mark 6:50, where Jesus is walking on water and His disciples were afraid and He said, "It is I, do not be afraid." Immediately I felt an overwhelming peace, and waves of amazing love started washing over me. I was instantly delivered of many bondages I was in and set on fire for the Lord. 

          Since then, God will draw me away just with Him for months at a time where He pours His love into me, heals my heart and teaches me the gospel and about the scriptures. These alone times with the Lord are more precious than anything this world can offer and anything I have ever experienced. After I am filled up, I will feel as though I will explode if I don't go share His love. This is when He has taken me all over the world to share the gospel. He has allowed me to be a part of many salvations, many signs, wonders, miracles, and distributions of the Holy Spirit. This journey has had it's rough patches as I have had to unlearn basically everything I thought I knew and receive a lot of healing in my heart, but I can honestly say that my life is way more exciting and amazing than I ever dreamed it could be and I know it is just getting started! 

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