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by Jacob Dunbar

Dance Monkey Dance

"For we who have believed enter that rest" (Hebrews 4:3)

Dance monkey dance

Leave nothing here to chance

Hold tightly to those reigns

Find comfort in my chains

Destroy all happenstance


Live by brawn and brains

No gain without the pains

Look unto the ants

Make sure that I advance

Praise the one who strains


To the victor goes the spoil

No glory without the toil

Work harder and I win

Stay fit and super thin

Tightly wound into a coil


Time and time again

avoid the deadly sin

Rest makes all things spoil

thistles in the soil

When did this begin


So tired and so weary

My life is dull and dreary

By the sweat of my face

I keep up this pace

Leisure makes me leery


To win I run the race

Have to earn my place

No time to be so cheery

Eyes stay glazed and bleary

No one here gives grace


Nothing comes for free

Everything has a fee

God only helps those

Who provide their own clothes

live by practicality


The lazy take repose

For as the saying goes

I have to face reality

And eat the same tree

That Adam and Eve chose


Burnt and heavy laden

Forlorn and God-forsaken

I hear a voice say, “come”

Where did that come from?

I must have been mistaken


Feel alone and numb

Again I hear, “come.”

My wits are quickly shaken

My heart begins to waken

And grow warm like drinking rum

The voice softly whispers

Calm like gentle rivers

Yet sharper than an arrow

Dividing joint from marrow

A voice I know delivers


“I am the path so narrow,

I will plough and harrow

I am the greatest giver

You will never shiver

Look unto the sparrow


I will never leave you

Nor will I forsake you

I have always been here

Come to me and draw near

I know what you have been through


No longer need you fear

My love is like a spear

Piercing what you knew

The lies that cloud your view

and make you dull, austere


In me there is repose

For your soul and woes

I am meek and humble

Rest from all your trouble

Lie down in green meadows


Your life was once a jumble

But I will take your struggle

Gloom for joy transposed

Beauty from ashes I compose

And make glory from your trouble


My life is yours to live

All things I freely give

I am the Lord Almighty

The one who gives so freely

I have no hidden motive”


His face gleams so brightly

Electrifies excites me

With a new perspective

Day by day I now live

Peace down in my psyche


His love is so tender

Washing me in splendor

How did I once miss this

Every word is pure bliss

To His love I now surrender


And fall into His kisses

Could sit here and just listen

To my love, my mentor

He is now my center

Taste and see, He is delicious

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