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by Jacob Dunbar

And love consists in this: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as the propitiation for our sins...We love  because He first loved us.  (1John 4:10,19)


This poem illustrates the journey of struggling between a sincere feeling of religious obligation and duty to God versus the freedom that comes from resting and abiding in the love of God. Some of the first part may feel a bit heavy, but please read to the end for the full effect. 

This prayer that I pray is for wisdom my Lord
I ask for your grace for strength to endure
Please fill me with might please give me the more
On me would you please let your Spirit pour
I ask for your Lordship to rest over me
On me let the fear of you continue to be
Help me to stay here on bended knee
And to bow down my head to you willingly
Give me wise counsel to direct my direction
Teach me how to earn your affection
Please don’t let me miss my election
And screw up my life and face your rejection
Give me understanding to walk in your ways
The knowledge of your law all of your days
Please God for these things today I do pray
Let my ears hear only what you have to say
I am walking along this narrow road
Feeling like my head just might explode
Striving for perfection to fit the mold
So I can live holy as I have been told
Empower me to keep commands you have sent
Lord I surrender, like a slave I consent
When tragedy befalls me Lord make me content
Help me to not weep wail and lament
I am desperate for you Lord, I love you so much
But to love my brother is still really tough
I ask for compassion, I’m still really rough
No matter how hard I try it’s never enough
Teach me how to love my brother
Help me to put myself after others
If asked let me lay down my life for another
All of these things I wish to discover

Your answer comes in a way unexpected

I realize how badly I’ve been misdirected

With religion and rules I’ve been injected

I’ve been seeking approval to be respected


You gently bend down and you whisper to me

You gaze into my eyes so tenderly

“My son all you need do is rest and receive

To dwell in my love and only believe


All that you ask for is found in my Son

Just let yourself go, with Him you are one

He’s finished the work, It really is done

In your own strength this race cannot be run


Everything is found in Jesus Christ

All you need do in Him is abide

Enjoying the beauty of being His bride

So lay down yourself, please lay down your pride


Love is something that cannot be taught

My love for you can never be bought

My love is something I freely allot

Your striving self-effort have been all for naught


You see, love can never be commanded

Nor can it ever be demanded

No wonder you’ve felt abandoned and stranded

You’ve been seeking after what’s already  granted


The new commandment that has been given

Has been twisted and dried up by religion

Brought to nothing by human tradition

And left my people in a beaten condition


This commandment I give you ‘Abide in my love’

My love for you that comes down like a dove

If you so believe in the commandment thereof

You will have no problem giving others love

My love for you I am always bestowing

Like a waterfall that is always flowing

Its never ending, never slowing

Forever it keeps on going and going


I do not force so you can put up a wall

Or step out from under love’s waterfall

You can choose to ignore My love’s enthrall

Or anytime answer love’s clarion call


If you let me I’ll show you the greatest romance

A love that’s eternal beyond all expanse

But it’s up to you to take this bold chance

And join me in My celestial dance


So what does it mean with Christ crucified

What does it mean that your old self has died

It’s really quite simple just be My bride

In my steadfast love only hide and abide"

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