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The Masquerade

by Jacob Dunbar

This poem is a compilation of some of the things I have heard people say to try and manipulate people to parter with the fear and propaganda being spread today.

Just wear a dang mask
It’s such a simple task
Just do what you are told
Or else we’ll have to scold
So what it doesn’t work
Stop being such a jerk
It’s a matter of respect
We don’t care that you object
In this you have no say
Put it on today!
Get down on your knee
Submit to the queen bee
Come worship at our altar
Your making others falter
Bow down and kiss the ring
Or else you’ll feel our sting 
Stop being so divisive
Ignore all truth in crisis
You are so unkind
Just get your butt in line

So cover up your face
You’re such a big disgrace
You obviously don’t care
Or else you’d simply wear
You’re unloving now you see
Cuz you’re not listening to me
You’re selfish and unjust
Unless you blindly trust
Now I will berate
I am becoming so irate
I will beat you down
Hand over your crown!
Fear rules the day
Why can’t you just obey?!
Fear outweighs belief
Heed the freedom thief
Why won’t you just cave
No need to be so brave
Just give in to the charade
And join our masquerade

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