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Toil and Rest

by Jacob Dunbar

"By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread..." (Genesis 3:19)

"For we who have believed enter that rest" (Hebrews 4:3)

Believe and trust

He died to provide

Faithful and just

In Him do I hide


His grace applied

He paid the price

Fully supplied

Complete sacrifice


Live by believing

Believe for a living

Work in receiving

Faith in His giving


Lord of provision

Done with my grieving

Out of my prison

Continue perceiving


Birds of the air

Lilies of the field

Knows every hair

Treasure concealed


He bought the field

I am his heir

Finances healed

Seems so unfair


Smothered in favor

Undeserved blessing

He paid the waiver

Done with my stressing


Disarmed my slaver

His love expressing

He does not waver

Grace so caressing


I am so blessed

Milk and honey

He gave His best

Beaten and bloody


Why worry for money

Cease being stressed

Cloudy to sunny

Enter His rest

Toil and strive
Work to provide
On overdrive
Tired and dried
Feeding my pride
Have to survive
Word misapplied
I dive and I dive
Into my work
So family can eat
Lost all my perk
But all’s nice and neat
Outside conceit
Feel like a jerk
But inside downbeat
Into the murk
Deeper I go
Angst and unrest
Feeling so low
Doing my best!
Overly stressed
Much I do owe
Completely depressed
Covered in woe
Enclosed in doubt
Fell into a well
Shout and I shout
Yell and I yell
Trapped in a cell
Have to break out
Heaven or hell
Caught in a drought
Cursed is the land
Thistles and thorns
Trust in my hand
Body is worn
Depleted and torn
Can’t hardly stand
Sweat and worn
Too much demand

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