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Work of Faith

by Jacob Dunbar

"This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent." (John 6:29)

Faith without works is dead

One body one Spirit He said

Work of the Father

Brother walked on water


One God and shudder

Believe God is your brother

How can that faith save you?

Faith without break through


He gives you bread and clothing

Who’s the one now boasting?

What are these works?

Works that bring perks


Works of the law

These are made of straw

Works of believing

Achieve them by receiving


Knock and He opens

Answers when you’re hoping

Seek and you find

Gives sight to the blind


Ask Him for some bread

Won’t get a stone instead

He gives the Holy Spirit

Spirit we inherit


Holy Spirit of grace

Poured on the human race

Jesus the Messiah

Answer to Jeremiah


Who’s in need of saving?

The one inside behaving

or the one outside prodding

He’s seeking and he’s knocking


By grace saved through faith

The Son of God did sayith

The toil of our Papa

Hold fast to more than allah


Abraham believed in death to life

That’s why he picked up the knife

Rahab received God’s messengers

Afterwards went heavenwards


Trust in God, insufficient

To justify men deficient

Also accept He sent the Son

Available to everyone

Know them by their fruit

Verse used to persecute

Love joy peace

This should be our fleece


Patience kindness goodness

Inside dwells the fullness

Gentleness and faithfulness

But now I will  digress


Not concerned with action

Outward satisfaction

But Inward transformation

Not behavioral modification


Father is available

Let your heart be malleable

His love brings the healing

Open up your feelings


His goodness is infinite

His answers are definite

He who did not spare

To make us all His heir


Freely gives us all things

Thanks be to the King of kings

Holding nothing back

In Him we have no lack


Faith so revitalizing

So good no need in compromising

He’s the one works and supplies

Hearing by faith good news comprised


Do not work you do not eat

Another verse used to browbeat

Do not work for bread that perishes

the bread of life now to cherish


eternal bread come from above

On His shoulder like a dove

Listen to the one who bled

His life He gave He is the bread


The work of God is to heed

On His flesh we now feed

Never thirsty, no more hunger

Come inside, cold no longer


They believed in one God

In Him they were even awed

But they rejected God’s answer

The gospel they tried to hamper

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